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We have developed a wide range of specialist wedding packages in response to what our customers have told us. You can have your own bespoke ceremony co-created with one of our fabulous ceremony registrars or you can choose a no fuss option where your ceremony registrar does all the preparation work for you.
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If you need inspiration, download our list of suggested readings. More about music. We recommend you choose entrance music, a song or two for when the register is being signed and a final tune for your exit. As this is a civil ceremony, we can't' include religious music, such as hymns, but a song such as God only Knows by The Beach Boys would be fine. If your ceremony is taking place in one of our ceremony suites, like the Benefactors Room, then you must bring your own music with you. Involving your pet in the celebrations. We're' happy to celebrate with the furrier members of your family but you will need to confirm that your approved venue will allow animals. If your ceremony is taking place in one of our ceremony suites, we have health and safety rules that mean only assistance animals or service dogs are allowed inside our buildings.
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The Enhanced Ceremony in the Pankhurst Suite or at an approved premises, gives you the chance to design the ceremony yourselves, using our online ceremony planner you will be provided with a username and password at the time of booking your ceremony, or where necessary the pack can be provided in booklet form with a checklist to complete and return. There are certain words that must be included by law the Declaration and the Contract but there is an element of choice, and you can lengthen the ceremony further by using readings or poetry, but these must not have any religious content.
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With copious amounts of decisions to make about the big day, youll be pouring over every detail; from where Aunt Hilda will sit, to the nail polish youll wear! But one of the biggest decisions to make it whether to have a church wedding ceremony or civil ceremony.
The Complete Wedding Ceremony Guide: How to Plan the Order of Your Ceremony.
Ceremony and Reception What to Expect at an Indian Wedding: The Ceremony and Attending a beautiful Indian wedding is an exciting prospect for any first-timer. Ceremony and Reception What to Expect at a Jewish Wedding: The Ceremony and If youve been invited to your first Jewish wedding, youre in for one of the.
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Each church is different so do ensure you know what is expected of your right from the very start. Do also consider your timings carefully with a church wedding. Most church wedding services are anything between 45 minutes to an hour long.
Have Your Wedding Ceremony at Hever Castle Gardens.
If its simply a wedding ceremony you are interested in booking at Hever Castle, there are two possible options to consider, either an Astor Wing ceremony only wedding or an Italian Garden ceremony only wedding. An Astor Wing Ceremony Only Wedding.
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Wedding ceremony words. The words of a marriage service are set in law, but there three different versions to consider. If youve had a civil wedding in the UK or abroad, read more about how you can have your marriage blessed in church.

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